AnyChart AnyChart is a flexible JavaScript (HTML5) based charting solution.

    Pie Chart

If we’ve got the data that can be arranged in a single row and displayed as a percentage of a whole, we can use Pie Charts. Pies are circular statistical graphic; they’ve got an only axis, and there can be no more than one series in a chart. Also, there can be no negative values and you should avoid zero values, as it’s rather hard to show the last ones on a pie. All categories represent the slices of the whole pie; it’s highly recommended not to exceed 7 categories each pie.

This chart shows us the percentage of the ACME Corp. sales done through five different retail channels: Department Stores, Discount Stores, Men’s / Women’s Stores, Juvenile Specialty Stores and Other Outlets. Despite labels are on, not all of them might be displayed because of lack of space: if the percentage is quite small, the slice of the pie is too small to display anything on it. You can manage the view of the chart by clicking and hovering the parts or the legend items. If you click on a slice of a pie or its legend item, the slice will become exploded/not exploded, and if you hover them, it will become highlighted.